My Name is Too Common for Google+

You may have heard Google+ is allowing custom URLs. (I’ll assume you’ve heard of Google+) Facebook just opened the floodgates to custom URLs. One morning they just let you grab whatever URL you wanted. First come, first serve.

Google is using a different approach. They’re rolling out the names slowly. Celebrities and important people (per Google) got the first grab. They let you know when you can grab a custom URL. And there are restrictions on what they’ll let you grab. This is what I found when I logged in…


Google let me know my name was common: “Many people have the same name.”

You can see I was restricted. It had to start with “ChuckWelch” and I couldn’t edit that. I had to add letters, numbers or a combination of both.

I checked a couple of otions. “ChuckWelch1” was available. I really hate numbered nicknames on products though. I figured the one nickname that would be unique to me would be “ChuckWelchCom.” No other Chuck Welch can claim this domain as his own.

So, if you’d like to check me on Google+, this is the Chuck Welch you’re looking to find.