Send Troublesome Facebook Notifications to The Void

There are some apps in the new Facebook that will post your every move to your timeline. Bugging your friends to hell. There are some that rarely send messages, but do you really want your friends to see you’ve wasted 2 hours playing Gardens of Time? Some allow you to opt out of sending notifications, but many require you to allow the app the ability to post.

Here’s how you can keep using those apps, but take a few steps to send all those Facebook notices to The Void.

You need to take the first five steps in Section 1 only once. Then you’ll need to perform the steps in the second section for each problem app.

Section 1: Create The Void list.

1) On the left side hover over Lists to make the More option appear. You’ll get a list of your Lists.

2) Choose Create a List (top of the center column)

3) Name the list anything. I choose “The Void”

4) Click “Create List”

5) Simply add no friends to the list. That way none of your friends see the annoying messages.

Section 2: Here’s how to send troublesome app notices to The Void

1) Upper right of your Facebook bar (next to Home) use the pull-down triange and choose “Account Settings”

2) On the Upper left menu (under “Facebook”) choose Apps

3) Edit the offending app

4) Edit “app activity privacy:” For “Who can see posts and activity from this app? choose Custom

4b) In the Custom Privacy box choose Specific People or Lists and then type The Void (or whatever you named your empty list.)

5) Save settings, Close and you’re ready to run through the list again to send any other troublesome app notices to the void.