Google Plus Tips and Tricks Day Three

Here we go…

1) You can set a link on your website to auto-forward to your Google+ page. Like so: will forward to (My G+ Posts page.)

All it takes is a quick edit of your .htaccess file on your site. You just need to add:

RedirectMatch ^/+(.*)$•PLUS•ID•HERE$1

For more info, I’ll just direct you to the Google Android engineer who wrote first about it…Daniel Sandler.

Google Plus

2) When you post you can limit those who can read the post. Either specifically by name or in a select Circle. Obviously, you want the post for their eyes only. However, unless you disable Resharing, those who you invited can repost and invite others into the comments. Luckily, you can block resharing: just publish the post then choose the pulldown Edit menu (top right of the post..the circle enclosing the triangle) then choose “Disable Reshare”. If you change your mind, you can repeat the process and Enable Reshare.

2b) You can Disable and Enable Comments through the same Edit menu.

3) Tiled Images at the top of your G+ About page are already the rage. (OK, I know a couple of people who’ve done it.) You just need Photoshop and a few minutes: How to Customise Your Google+ Profile Page

4) If you’re using Chrome and you’d like to make Google+ a little easier to read, you can adjust the CSS with a Chrome Extension: Usability Boost for Google Plus™

5) The Notifications pulldown (top right of the black Google+ menubar at the top of your screen) is more useful than you think. Click the Number beside your account name and then click “View All Notifications”

Now you see all the notifications on a Google+ page. See the two items “All-More” just to the top right of the column? Pull down the More menu. Now you can choose to see who has added you to circles, who has commented on your posts, where you’ve left comments, who has tagged you in a photo and the most useful, who has mentioned you in a post or comment.

By mentioning you in a post or comment, someone is asking for your input. A quick check of this page will ensure you don’t miss any of those callouts.

5b) You can also see the Notifications page by choosing the option in your Stream list.

6) After receiving a lot of concerns, Google will let you set the visibility of your gender starting later this week. You’ll set it by editing your profile. This actually makes sense. Some one could write a script to find the profiles of all women on Google+ and send them tampon ads. If you wanted targeted ads…you’d join Facebook.

Personally, I’m going to set mine to Other and make it private. Why give more marketing information?

7) The “Find People” search box at the top of Google+ isn’t just for names. You can search a topic and find people with similar interests. Google doesn’t let you add them from the search page. You’ll have to click their link and do it from their About page.

8 ) Speaking of adding new friends…. Google announced they’re adding an import address book option. You can make a CSV of your current contacts (in Outlook for example) and upload that to G+ on the Find and Invite page. Google will sort through and display the tiles of those with Google+ accounts. Expect the option within a week. Check the video announcement.

CC image credit: West McGowan