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Free Social Media Workshop on November 16th

Downtown at City Hall on the 16th of November from 6-8pm, I’m leading a Foursquare free-for-all. Sponsored by the kind folks at Dixieland and the Downtown Lakeland Partnership.

Did I mention “free?”

We’ll spend an hour on Foursquare and other business related social media. Then bring your questions and concerns for the hour open Q&A.
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20 Thoughts on Using Twitter and Other Social Media

Tamara Sakagawa claims I made the follow points during a workshop on social media. I’ll take her word for it as I don’t remember the workshop at all. I think I was channeling someone else. Anyway, the workshop was for Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area and USFPoly was nice enough to loan a lab. Not that I was there, mind you.
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