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Who is this guy?

The short line? Father, husband, writer. My online presence is primarily through as the editor, writer, and occasional photographer for a news site, Lakeland Local. It’s a sampling of the news, concerns, and events for Lakeland, Florida. As a hobby, I manage a forum and some web sites that feature a pulp fiction series written by Lester Dent — Doc Savage Organized, Doc Savage Info, and Flearun Continue Reading →

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Lakeland Local

Lakeland Local is a hyperlocal blog for current and future residents of Lakeland, Florida. I’ve recently moved to that Central Florida community and I can think of no better way to learn about my adopted hometown than to share it with you. On my site you’ll find photos and information about Lakeland places, people, and businesses. I’ll also mix in links to other local blogs, photographers, and news. ↑ Grab this Headline Animator Continue Reading →

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Doc Savage

As a teenager I read the adventures of a hero. The novels appealed to me though they had been written for teenagers living in the 1930s. Maybe that explains something. Doc Savage Organized, Doc Savage Information, and Lester Dent Museum are the result. The museum site is just my donation to the museum. More information soon. Continue Reading →

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