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Google Plus Tips and Tricks Day Three

Here we go… 1) You can set a link on your website to auto-forward to your Google+ page. Like so: will forward to (My G+ Posts page.)

All it takes is a quick edit of your .htaccess file on your site. You just need to add:

RedirectMatch ^/+(.*)$•PLUS•ID•HERE$1

For more info, I’ll just direct you to the Google Android engineer who wrote first about it…Daniel Sandler. 2) When you post you can limit those who can read the post. Continue Reading →

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The First 10 Google+ Quick Tips

I’m going to guess either you’ve received an invitation to the Google+ beta or you’ll leave a comment below asking for one. If you don’t want to be a part of the G+ flash mob, you stumbled on here looking for a different Chuck Welch.

I’m going to assume you’ve already logged into Google+ and know the basic layout. Please read all the tips before dismissing them individually. Continue Reading →

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