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Twitter Update for 2009-03-12

Free pdf “The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2009” by Gillette & Palmer | pub by the Society for American Baseball Research http://ow.ly/Q0s #
@AKFirecracker M family still in Italy & F was only 2nd gen Irish-American..so I’d have to travel. Worry there was a reason they left. 🙂 in reply to AKFirecracker #
@amykchulik Not if you soak them in single malt. in reply to amykchulik #
@AKFirecracker “still living there” Irish or “great-grandparents moved to the US & my father found an Italian to love & they had me” Irish? #
@LWCOMM The audience picks bottom 3 & the judges pick who to eliminate from that group. #idol #idols #american_idol | Yes, idol. Continue Reading →

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Twitter Update for 2009-03-10

@etanowitz re:sunroofs.org – sunroof is operable panel & moonroof created by Ford & now generically to describe glass panel inbuilt sunroofs in reply to etanowitz #
Interested in hyperlocal, citizen media (whatever you call it) then follow @allnewsislocal — information & chat starting soon. #journchat #
@journalistics #journ2journ Thus at 8pm est is journalists from various fields. #journchat in reply to journalistics #
Lakeland bomb – 3 men who produced & placed explosives turned themselves in. 2 students & 1 graduate of Southeastern University. #lkld #
3 men who produced & placed explosive devices turned themselves in tonight. Continue Reading →

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