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Quick Steps if Your Twitter Account is Sending Spam

If your Twitter account is sending DM spam, take the following steps:

1) Close Tweetdeck, Seesmic, Hootsuite or any cell apps that check your Twitter account. 2) Log into Twitter directly on the Web at

3) Open “Settings” (It is on the top menu.) (Update: It’s now selected by clicking the menu pull down selected at the Twitter head & shoulders icon.)

4) See if you have a tab labeled “Connections.” (Update: the tab is now called “Apps.”) If so, click it and deauthorize everything you find there. If you want, note and reauthorize later. 5) Go to the “Password” tab and change your password. Continue Reading →

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Send Troublesome Facebook Notifications to The Void

There are some apps in the new Facebook that will post your every move to your timeline. Bugging your friends to hell. There are some that rarely send messages, but do you really want your friends to see you’ve wasted 2 hours playing Gardens of Time? Some allow you to opt out of sending notifications, but many require you to allow the app the ability to post. Here’s how you can keep using those apps, but take a few steps to send all those Facebook notices to The Void. Continue Reading →

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Two Settings to Make Your Facebook Experience More Private

Facebook is in a pickle. (That’s an Internet term meaning “caught between users and advertisers.”) You joined Facebook because it was such an easy way to share your pro-Florida State feelings without your pro-Florida boss finding your secret. (Yes, that’s code for something else.)

However, Facebook needs your information to lure advertisers. The more you share – 35, Single, Impulsive Buyer — the better they can direct ads you may fall for, er, enjoy. Now, Facebook will tell you they don’t give that information to advertisers. That doesn’t mean they don’t aggrigate it to better deliver you those ads for dating services.

In response to this delimma, Facebook recently made a mess of the privacy settings. Excuse me, they “improved user control.”

In this short article, I’ll point you to two easily set fixes to improve your privacy. After, you’ll want to spend some time reading the official Facebook explanation of privacy settings.
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Shel Israel Gets Social Media

On CNN today, there is an interview with Shel Israel, author of “Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods.” According to CNN, “the book shows how Twitter flattens geographical boundaries and helps people connect with others around the world who share their interests.”

Exactly the point I make when I speak to Central Florida businesses and not-for-profit helping organizations. Not only geographical boundaries, but those artificially created boundaries we erect around race, class, and culture.

Israel also makes a great point about our communication turning from the one-to-many broadcast environment to a many-to-many conversational environment.

We’re going [away] from the broadcast era — that’s when content is sandwiched by messages to pay for the experience, and those messages are in the form of advertising or PR or other marketing tactics. And most people don’t like them anymore, and we use our Tivo and our spam filters to avoid as many of these messages as possible.

Israel also speaks to those organizations rushing to ban employees from using social media:

Whenever something new comes into the marketplace, there are companies that are really in love with the way it’s always been done. When you start banning things, you’re showing a natural distrust of your employees, which is, even in tough times, not an intelligent way to treat your employees. And the second thing is they’re banishing the state-of-the-art communications tool.

If you’d like to stay on the cutting edge of social media, one of those you should follow on Twitter is Shel Israel at
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United Way of Central Florida

In what turned out to be a flat day*, I spoke to the United Way of Central Florida Agency Directors’ Retreat Wednesday afternoon.

The topic was Social Media as it relates to not-for-profits. I won’t detail the presentation here, but I promised to list some of the links I mentioned:

Information site: – “A nonprofit online marketing blog”

Make sure you catch the posts: 10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications

and How Sticky is Facebook?

Also my own 20 Thoughts on Using Twitter and Other Social Media

Tools: – Twitter management tool for multiple users and multiple accounts – URL shortener that tracks clicks, traffic sources, and other data
TweetDeck – A Twitter management tool that greatly improves your ability to track your organizations tweets and Twitter friends

If your not-for-profit has any questions about on Twitter and Facebook or needs help getting started, please write me at : nfp (at)

* – I had two flat tires within an hour after the presentation.
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20 Thoughts on Using Twitter and Other Social Media

Tamara Sakagawa claims I made the follow points during a workshop on social media. I’ll take her word for it as I don’t remember the workshop at all. I think I was channeling someone else. Anyway, the workshop was for Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area and USFPoly was nice enough to loan a lab. Not that I was there, mind you.
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