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Cycling and Photography

Soon I’ll move to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Two of my goals in my new hometown will be to spend more time biking and relearning how to take a decent photo. Most everything I like will end up at my Flickr page, chuckwelch. For now, here’s a photo I shot this past Fall in Montreal…. Continue Reading →

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Quick Steps if Your Twitter Account is Sending Spam

If your Twitter account is sending DM spam, take the following steps:

1) Close Tweetdeck, Seesmic, Hootsuite or any cell apps that check your Twitter account. 2) Log into Twitter directly on the Web at

3) Open “Settings” (It is on the top menu.) (Update: It’s now selected by clicking the menu pull down selected at the Twitter head & shoulders icon.)

4) See if you have a tab labeled “Connections.” (Update: the tab is now called “Apps.”) If so, click it and deauthorize everything you find there. If you want, note and reauthorize later. 5) Go to the “Password” tab and change your password. Continue Reading →

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Send Troublesome Facebook Notifications to The Void

There are some apps in the new Facebook that will post your every move to your timeline. Bugging your friends to hell. There are some that rarely send messages, but do you really want your friends to see you’ve wasted 2 hours playing Gardens of Time? Some allow you to opt out of sending notifications, but many require you to allow the app the ability to post. Here’s how you can keep using those apps, but take a few steps to send all those Facebook notices to The Void. Continue Reading →

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