It’s been four years since I wrote the “About” information below. The update: I’m now living in Wisconsin and (mostly) retired. I’m looking to find the next trouble to get into…

02 Jan 2007My online presence is primarily through as the publisher, writer, and occasional photographer for the news sites, Lakeland Local, a sampling of the news, concerns, and events for Lakeland, Florida, and Metro i4 News, which covers the Interstate 4 corridor in Central Florida. Both sites also feature the work of other contributors.

In the Summer of 2009, I started putting together web sites for local not-for-profit organizations and some area residents. I use the term “sitesmith” to better describe the site creation process. I work with clients to find their needs, recommend various options, and then forge a site that is attractive and functional. In addition to creating the site, I install any needed software, and spend time training the client how to add-to and upgrade the site. My goal is to teach the client to the point they won’t need me to update and upgrade their own site.

As a hobby, I manage a forum and some web sites that feature a pulp fiction series written by Lester Dent — Doc Savage Organized, Doc Savage Info, and Flearun.