The Next Ten Google Plus Tips

I’ll just dive in…make sure you’re logged into Google+…

1) Forget the “vanity URL” tip from yesterday…Google looks to have already disabled that. If you already have one…it still works.

2) Like the new (temporary) look of That’s the PlusOne Theme 1.0 by Mayur Somani

Google Plus, the concept of circles and the admin bar

3) Your profile picture isn’t static. Edit your profile. Upload a new picture or three as your profile photo. Now, when someone visits your profile, the profile image flips through all your profile photo uploads.

4) If you want to delete a profile photo…you’ll have to do so under the Google+ Photos button. (Top menu bar..looks like an old Mac with a mountain range on the screen.) Select “Your Albums” –> “Profile photos”. Click the photo you want to delete and choose “Delete Photo” from the “Actions” pull down under the photo.

5) There are already Chrome extensions for Google+Tweet and Google+Facebook. I say, meh. The Facebook extension doesn’t give you the hide controls you’d have at Facebook. Nor can you see the comments. The Twitter extension keeps failing. I say skip both.

6) You can get the mobile Google+ at or here for Android. Marty Gabel has already reviewed the app, so I’ll just pass on the link: A quick look at the Google+ Android app. I haven’t used it enough to complain about any of the features. It works pretty much as well as the desktop version though I wish I could use Huddle to video chat off the front facing camera of my Infuse.

7) You know those “In ____ Circles” and “Have ____ in their Circles” widgets under your profile picture? You can edit who shows up. At your profile click the blue Edit Profile button. Now click the little “world” icon next to your “In ____’s circles” widget.

For your circles, you can toggle display on or off for each circle. You can also choose to display the widget publicly or just to those in your circles. (Unfortunately, you can’t choose which circles see the widget. It’s all or nothing.)

For the “Have You in circles” widget, you can choose to display it publicly or hide it. That’s all.

By the way, you can’t choose the display order for those listed. It’s a random display for each page refresh.

8) You don’t want photos of you to be Tagged by just any yahoo? Explicitly set who can tag you in Google+ Settings: scroll down to Photos and set the circles or names of those you want to give automatic permission to tag you. To set a specific person, just start typing her name.

9) While we’re in Settings, note you can export your Web albums, Circles & Contacts, and Profile, Stream, and Buzz data. Check out Data liberation.

10) Finally, if you’re the sharing type go to Connected Accounts and add as much as you like from your other homes on the net. Google will suggest a few, you can add others.

CC image credit: Bert Boerland