Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-06

  • @aaronjbates good find! | Still too many on a list for me, but that's a matter of preference. #TwitterList in reply to aaronjbates #
  • @SCMunson I'm not a programmer, but couldn't Adobe add that to AIR & make it available to all the apps? I don't see Tweetdeck, etc doing it in reply to SCMunson #
  • @SCMunson On Windows? Like Chrome & Safari, I think AIR apps use the default Internet connection under Internet Options Control Panel in reply to SCMunson #
  • Social media is publishing. As a publisher, you should expect some criticism. You aren't required to respond. Always consider the source. #
  • @BIF Reading the tweets re: the NYT article. Fry overreacted, later admitted he did so. Davies, et al could use 3rdman in penalties in reply to BIF #
  • @BIF Stating you find someone's tweets a bit boring is "aggression & unkindness" now? Tempest in teapot: in reply to BIF #
  • Another Spam fire: This one starts out "I make money online with google." & includes a phishing URL. As usual, don't click. Warn friends. #
  • Twitter, want to impress me? Make a feature that takes @DavySunshine burst of morning posts & spreads the goodness all over my day. in reply to DavySunshine #
  • The Twitter Support Staff and How to Get Help on Twitter | Plus a List: #
  • Less than 24 hours to Twitter List Spam | How long until Listed numbers are ignored as useless? #
  • RT @McMedia: Building a following the "Old Fashioned Way" through conversation & transparency {& the occasional airing of my dirty laundry} #
  • Don't miss Dr. Scissorhands this morning: #LKLD fundraiser for #viste #

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