Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-24

  • RT @lakelandlocal: "Two qualify in Yates commission race: Preston Studstill & Patrick Jones. More info to come.." #
  • RT @sitesmith: When to Use Twitter instead of Email: [MacWorld] #
  • At #FSC two helicopters in air (probably TV) but construction workers have not been evacuated from building on Lake Hollingsworth Dr. & MS #
  • Geocites will be razed Monday. Requiescant in pace | Spend the last weekend looking over the old neighborhoods. #
  • "Abso-fricking-lutely?" Seriously, Windows? But she says it oh so close to something else. (1st commercial.) #windows7 #
  • "when people of great substance and ability clashed over the power of language and the sanctity of the individual." #
  • @aaronjbates That has to be the only tweet where "Karl Rove" & "trendy" both appear. | Who can write another? | Time for a #newmeme? #
  • @shacri You could try using it in a completely different way for awhile. For example: as you read, point favorite articles to followers. in reply to shacri #
  • @DavySunshine Think of the your opportunity to reach a new audience. And I bet USFP would like to talk to those HS students. #justsayin in reply to DavySunshine #
  • Twitter Lists; Limitations, bugs, impact, and brilliance #
  • Steve Ferguson Requiescat in pace — Outer Space Boogie: #
  • Dear Dodger & Angel fans. I apologize for preferring your teams in the playoffs. My baseball bad luck is on a roll. #
  • RT @usfplib: Kickoff of the USF Unstoppable Campaign to raise funds for scholarships, endowments & facilities like the USF Poly Library! #
  • @askheidi I understand the Twitter API is having issues. Some 3rd party apps are experiencing problems. in reply to askheidi #
  • @msegers I don't see an online text in English, but if you'd like to try interlibrary loan – FL libraries with copies – in reply to msegers #
  • Playing with a gadget to use Twitter from Google Wave | Sent a DM a little while ago that was 140 characters in a mad rush to a pun. #
  • Kudos to the Ledgerite who put together the interactive map for the Classic car show. #lkld #

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