Shel Israel Gets Social Media

On CNN today, there is an interview with Shel Israel, author of “Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the New Global Neighborhoods.” According to CNN, “the book shows how Twitter flattens geographical boundaries and helps people connect with others around the world who share their interests.”

Exactly the point I make when I speak to Central Florida businesses and not-for-profit helping organizations. Not only geographical boundaries, but those artificially created boundaries we erect around race, class, and culture.

Israel also makes a great point about our communication turning from the one-to-many broadcast environment to a many-to-many conversational environment.

We’re going [away] from the broadcast era — that’s when content is sandwiched by messages to pay for the experience, and those messages are in the form of advertising or PR or other marketing tactics. And most people don’t like them anymore, and we use our Tivo and our spam filters to avoid as many of these messages as possible.

Israel also speaks to those organizations rushing to ban employees from using social media:

Whenever something new comes into the marketplace, there are companies that are really in love with the way it’s always been done. When you start banning things, you’re showing a natural distrust of your employees, which is, even in tough times, not an intelligent way to treat your employees. And the second thing is they’re banishing the state-of-the-art communications tool.

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