Tempted – Brown, Dartmouth, and University of Michigan

While looking for something completely different, I discovered that “Tempted” by Squeeze seems to be popular with the suspenders, pastels, and a cappella crowd:

Brown University:


University of Michigan:

  • Tony Delgado

    This is great. Awesome tune and performed wonderfully a Capella…Now if they can do the same with “Sympathy for the Devil”

  • bradi

    Very good tune, it’s almost like you knew how much I like Squeeze – oh yeah, you probably do (or did)!  @Tony – I agree “Sympathy….” would be an excellent candidate for a cappella treatment.  @Chuck – I like the Dartmouth & U of Mich. versions best, for obvious reason.  I’m unchanged in this regard! Almost could “tempt” me to go back to college, which reminds me of when you went back and took a class at The Ville and relayed to me how many great distractions there were.  Email me when you get the chance.   Hope the wife & kids (Jess too) are good!  For my part, Sarah, Rachel & Jackie are all well and Steph still puts up with me!