Twitter Update for 2009-02-13

  • @jamiefloer There’s another way to look at that data: in reply to jamiefloer #
  • @gerrygeetoday08 Buffalo News reporting only crew and 1 home owner in reply to gerrygeetoday08 #
  • Night all. #journ2journ #
  • So, are we pitching now? Wait, that’s Monday night. #journ2journ #
  • @palafo I’d say “micropayments” turned out to be this week’s main topic. #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast The plan is also to rotate mods at J2J. #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast I think J2J is that forum. Tonight we started slow, so it was more schmoozing until we had enough for reg chat #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast So J2J probably started about the same time and we just took longer for the 1st meeting. #journ2journ #
  • I proposed to @karenhanson we keep J2J at 90 mins and focused on a particular, previously announced topic each time. #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast How long has #editorchat been meeting? #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast Yeah, I know. I’m a kidder. I kid. 🙂 (Was an ed myself, long, long, long ago.) #journ2journ #
  • And with #editorchat, there had to be a place to talk about “them.” 🙂 (Sorry, my ex is an editor.) #journ2journ #
  • @jrstahl I lived the Office. I can’t watch it. 🙂 (But it is one reason we set j2j to a mere 90 mins. #
  • I’ve gone completely to online writing. I’m not sure I could return…or that anyone would want me there again.. #journ2journ #
  • I know we’re scheduled to end in 9 mins, but I’m willing to listen another 30 for this 1st j2j chat. #journ2journ #
  • I struggle between the trad style, and the easy-going, “just talking to my friends” style that gets a better response. #journ2journ #
  • @karenhanson Not counting our own local news online operations? I freelance for a computer software review site. #journ2journ #
  • @palafo The local small Central FL paper is doing a better job onthan Tampa or Orlando papers..of course, they are owned by NYT #journ2journ #
  • @palafo So “micropayments” will be defined by the 1st model that works? #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast Good features & interesting local stories are rarely “too old.” Stories about my neighbors rarely ages rapidly #journ2journ #
  • @karenhanson You set up an acct & pay me for each article you read is 1 way. The link writer believes micro won’t work. #journ2journ #
  • So, no micropayments? What about freelance journalist as information PI for hire? #journ2journ #
  • @jrstahl We still think of yesterday’s paper as fish wrap, but I have mags 6 months old waiting to be read. #journ2journ #
  • @karenhanson I don’t think it would hurt many dailies to look back to their weekly community paper roots. #journ2journ #
  • @jrstahl The freelancers and hyperlocal sites can step in if MSM cuts back to focus on breaking news. #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast “analysis” Now, that is something to pay for, and where freelance journs can focus #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast Subscribers got a cheap ride to generate eyes for the advertisers. They won’t pay full cost for ad free news #journ2journ #
  • Owen Thomas wrote on micropayments “How not to save newspapers” #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast Newspapers needed eyes to sell the audience to the advertisers. Subscribers can’t cover costs, I believe. #journ2journ #
  • @palafo I couldn’t agree more. Local newspapers who charge will find that the audience consider them a luxury. #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast Good point, but I started my site for other reasons. I’m getting paid in something other than $…right now. #journ2journ #
  • I actually use reporting now as my loss leader for other work I do. But I’m not in the position where I need to support my fam #journ2journ #
  • @palafo I’ve adopted the starving artist. I’m giving it away and hoping I don’t have to die to make a buck. #journ2journ #
  • @LydiaBreakfast I think it’s the reason the journ2journ chat was implemented. To give us a chance to build. But… #journ2journ #
  • @KelseyProud Interesting. Doesn’t evolution include the gradual dying off of the previous model? #journ2journ #
  • @karenhanson “general malaise” Is anyone striking out on their own after a “cut back?” (PS: I hope these chats aren’t AP style. #journ2journ #
  • RT @kiyoshimartinez GF (a Chicago journo) laid off today. This puts a damper on our anniversary weekend. PR/journ job leads? #journ2journ #
  • @karenhanson I’m many years away from school. What’s the attitudes with journalism students these days? #journ2journ #
  • @benlamothe Finding any major difference between American and UK journalism? #journ2journ #
  • I’ve found makes it very easy to chat via Twitter. Join the journ2journ channel and it appends the hashtag automa #journ2journ #
  • Ben, how did you get from MI to City U? Dream to go London?

    #journ2journ #

  • I expect the 1st couple of chats will be slow @jkwill10 You should be able keep up and slash copy at the same time #journ2journ #
  • For those new to using Twitter for chat, you have to append #journ2journ to each tweet for everyone to see your msg #journ2journ #
  • If you’re following and your a working journ – traditional or “new” media – stop by a journ2journ chat 7:30 to 9 est tonight #
  • Well, I’m interested in who here for the 1st j2j | I’m ex-traditional journ working in hyperlocal now.
    #journ2journ #
  • Sitting in #journ2journ | @karenhanson is the mod tonight.

    #journ2journ #

  • Heading out to feel the Florida sun. I’ve worked too many nights this week. #
  • @celesdavar I think of the Montreal Jazz Festival, the lovely sound of French, and the feel of an old European city close to the USA #
  • Feb 12 7:30-9 est | Journalists chatting about story ideas & development, reporting tips, writing strategies, etc. #journ #journ2journ #
  • @BenLaMothe Then that would be true of any language, non? But, some must be more difficult , less logical, than others. in reply to BenLaMothe #
  • @DavySunshine The Gum Tree is always a stop. Tks for the reminder about Cong office. Can you put in a good word to Senators, Congressmen? 🙂 in reply to DavySunshine #

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