Twitter Update for 2009-01-22

  • @amykchulik “Lost?” Is that a program on hiking safety? Must admit I’m waiting for the series to finish, and then I’ll watch the DVDs. in reply to amykchulik #
  • On American Idol Louisville, the big auditorium is the Fairgrounds, not Churchill Downs. They must have narrowed them down & moved them. #
  • @steamykitchen Best Pro: Beatles; Best Local: Jif & the Choosy Mothers; Worst Pro: Goo Goo Dolls; Worst Local: The World Mine: Interrobang?! in reply to steamykitchen #
  • @jimstroud So, almost as many identify as Atheist as do Jewish & twice the # of Muslim. Sounds like Obama was correct to give a nod to them. in reply to jimstroud #
  • @tokyobelle ok, I must stop tweeting while watching tv. Back later. in reply to tokyobelle #
  • @tokyobelle if so I’d love a pic for my collection? in reply to tokyobelle #
  • @tokyobelle Was it misspelled in reply to tokyobelle #
  • @BenLaMothe Expect an announcement Kennedy will work with the Pres in some capacity. Or maybe an ambassador like her grandfather? in reply to BenLaMothe #
  • @not_that_basic I find it better to create your own 24 hour coverage by building an online network of trusted journalists and select media. in reply to not_that_basic #
  • @BenLaMothe In any industry there are those hostile to innovation. As a group they’re known as “the soon to be unemployed.” in reply to BenLaMothe #
  • @BenLaMothe Except for those who have a talent for innovation that they don’t lose as they age. Some old dogs think up new tricks. in reply to BenLaMothe #
  • Yes, I believe “balanced coverage” is a myth. (That was a short tweet. I need to fill the rest of the 140 characters. Maybe I’ll plug for #
  • The ideals of online journalism: authentication, accuracy, analysis, appositeness, and dialogue. #
  • The ideals of journalism: accuracy, fact checking, independent confirmation of information, balanced coverage and analysis – Albert Maruggi #
  • @deviantradio I suggest a single character to indicate “stops.” Hmm, I wonder what would work? | : ? ! There has to be a good character. in reply to deviantradio #
  • @steamykitchen Great idea to find who is watching! I suggest you mispronounce an French word next time. That’ll generate beaucoup calls. in reply to steamykitchen #
  • Twitter brings back the skill of writing telegrams stop #
  • @matthew_wengerd O i cnt dsagre mre, Someday I hope the write the perfect tweet. 140 words in 140 characters. in reply to matthew_wengerd #
  • #baseball I’m looking for “the” twitterer to follow for each of MLB’s 30 teams. Baseball fans? Who should I follow for each team? #
  • @soultravelers3 That is more accurate & I’d rather go with your assessment,.Obama has self-described as black. Which does the press follow? in reply to soultravelers3 #
  • @Suzannadanna I’m in grinding at some proposals. Though I wish I had gone out. I might head out for lunch. Are you traveling out? in reply to Suzannadanna #
  • A “virtual town hall” on H.R. 600 – FHA Seller-Financed Downpayment Reform Act of 2009 #
  • @TimothyCarter It’ll be nice if we ever get a government that respects that limit. And on that note, I choose to go to bed… in reply to TimothyCarter #
  • @lauradavis Call you a cab? (And Happy Birthday again. Surprise, I’m still awake…and remember) in reply to lauradavis #

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