Twitter Update for 2009-01-01

  • Any NYE traditions? We give my daughter a little change purse with money – for prosperity. Started when I was 6. As you see, it works. 🙂 #
  • Just finished another great meal tks to @englib. Watched a little baseball for desert. Daughter finally lost that tooth…reading?! #
  • @darbysea Fireworks already? Wow, you started drinking early?! Joking. I’m joking folks. Joshing. Nothing to see here. in reply to darbysea #
  • @Suzannadanna It’s all about the moderator. The one that grabbed the moderator rights can ban with a simple command. in reply to Suzannadanna #
  • Spent the afternoon meeting some wonderful Lakeland folks. Not a soul on Twitter. I might have convinced one to join up. Am I in a cult? #
  • @askheidi @amykchulik I figured I’d give the Texas guy a little nudge before I blocked him. I wonder if he’ll look up Patricia Nordman? in reply to amykchulik #
  • Dear followers. Please delete my previous tweet. I must remember “D” for Direct. “D” for Direct. #
  • @askheidi Why would a god fearin’, gun lovin, Communist hatin’ Texan follow people here? Think he’s stumbled onto Operation Nordman? in reply to askheidi #
  • For @petranorris rt: @etanowitz here is an update on the Bright House/Viacom dispute from our TV critic. #
  • @foulmonkeys There is something outside Lakeland? My maps all end with “Here there be dragons!” warning signs. in reply to foulmonkeys #
  • @foulmonkeys Yes, Harry’s on Main, near a car lot, that looks like an old A&W. They had those down here didn’t they? in reply to foulmonkeys #
  • #flmortgagepro has had an interesting well-traveled life. Easy guy to talk to and I’m not saying so because he sprang for breakfast @Harry’s #
  • Seriously though, why does Lakeland have two unrelated restaurants named “Harry’s?” No one though to nickname one Harold’s or Hal’s? #
  • @Suzannadanna @foulmonkeys Harrys (not downtown) gets a nod. Not busy, good service, food, & price. Need Wifi as $.75 for paper is too high. in reply to foulmonkeys #
  • @BIF I forget many people use the same status message for both Twitter and Facebook. I was speaking of Facebook only. “In Lakeland,” that is in reply to BIF #
  • Off to breakfast with @flmortgagepro. Trying Harry’s for the first time. #
  • @foulmonkeys So you don’t have a 90 minute wait? in reply to foulmonkeys #
  • @DavidMjoen Podcasting? Just to record? Audacity: I can’t help with a place to host your recordings. in reply to DavidMjoen #
  • @Suzannadanna We could end all messages “in Lakeland.” in reply to Suzannadanna #

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